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Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form  

Signing up to volunteer to work at the Wilkswood Reggae Festival is a great way to get to attend the festival. If you are interested in working in events, meeting new people or you just want to enjoy the festival by committing to completing just three eight-hour shifts, volunteering is a brilliant way to do it.

What’s Involved?

You simply commit to completing 3 x 8-hour shifts across the festival and to pay a £100.00 totally refundable security deposit when you apply.

Once you’ve successfully completed your shifts (in line with our volunteer agreement) and you’ve returned your tabard, your deposit will be refunded to you in full within seven working days.

NB: The standard restrictions regarding behaviour, alcohol, drugs, etc apply to all volunteers and the festival retains the right to eject any person(s) found to be contravening our festival policies. If this occurs, you will not be allowed to re-enter the festival site and you will forfeit your security deposit.

What do you get in return?

  • Free entry to Wilkswood Reggae Festival 2022.
  • A free meal voucher for each shift.
  • A dedicated, secure volunteer campsite situated a short walk from the crew/volunteer car park and coach drop-off.
  • Free hot showers.
  • Toilets right next to our our campsite entrance.
  • 24-hour access to our volunteer marquee located in our campsite, where you can chill out while charging your phone and helping yourself to a free tea or coffee.
  • Support from our team of volunteer managers, available 24 hours a day from your arrival on site until the last volunteer shift is completed on Monday after the festival.
  • A free Wilkswood Reggae Festival programme.
  • The chance to make great friends at one of the most friendly and chilled out festivals.
  • If you complete your 3 x 8-hour shifts in line with our volunteer agreement and return your tabard on time, you’ll also get a FREE Wilkswood Reggae Crew t-shirt as a thank you from us.

Before you start

Please read the following information very carefully, because it’ll make sure you’re all ready to apply. You need to gather the following information together before you start your application:


You’re going to need a clear, head-and-shoulders, digital photo of yourself. We will use the image you upload to identify you when you arrive on site so a photo of you in Halloween costume or before you grew the beard won’t be much use.

Referee details

Whilst most of you are without doubt fabulous people, we still need to get that confirmed by someone else. You are going to need to supply us with the name and email address of someone who knows you in a professional or educational capacity so we can contact them for reference.


You must be 18 or over to volunteer at the Wilkswood Reggae Festival.

Mate’s names

If your mates are planning on signing up to steward with us and you would like to request to work the same shifts as them, please list their names and email addresses in the Supporting Statement. 

Security Deposit

When we have received your application and approved it, we will email you a link in order for you to pay your Security Deposit. Like pretty much every other festival, we take a deposit just to make sure that you fulfil your obligation to complete 3 x 8-hour shifts during the course of the festival. This will be refunded to you in full within seven days once the festival has ended.

More info

If you need more information about the Volunteer Application, please contact us at info@wilkswoodrootsreggaefestival.co.uk.

So, are you ready to join the team? Then apply here:


    You must be 18 or over to volunteer at the festival

    Do you have any ongoing mental or physical health conditions or specific accessibility requirements that we need to know about, to better support you while stewarding with us?*

    Please supply contact details for someone who we can contact for a reference. This person must know you in a formal capacity e.g. employer, college lecturer, doctor, etc and cannot be a family member or friend. They need to be able to answer the five questions listed below. If there is a problem with your reference, we will contact you.
    • I have known this person for at least six months.
    • I know them to be reliable and punctual.
    • I know them in a professional capacity.
    • I know them to be honest and responsible.
    • I am not related to this person.

    Select any preferences for the volunteer work you wish to undertake (select all that apply)
    AnyGeneral StewardingCar ParkingBox Office/TicketingMedical/Welfare

    Please note: If you are applying for Medical/Welfare positions, we will require proof of a recent First Aider's Certificate or Nursing Qualification. Please upload this with your photo id below.

    Upload your Photo*
    • Taken within the last month
    • Colour photo
    • You must be the only person in the photograph
    • Clear and in focus
    • Do not have a head covering (unless it's for religious or medical reasons)
    • Unaltered by computer software or phone apps
    • Must be a close up of your head and shoulders, facing forward
    • Do not have anything obscuring your face
    • Do not upload a photo of your passport

    If applying for a medical/welfare position please upload a scan of your medical qualifications, eg:
    • Recent First Aider's certificate
    • Nursing qualification
    • Medical degree

    *required information

    Once your form has been submitted and accepted by the Wilkswood Reggae Management Team, we will email you link for you to pay your security deposit online.

    Wilkswood Reggae Festival 2022
    Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July
    Tickets – Last Remaining 25% On Sale 

    UNDER 3s FREE!




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